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Everspring Quality Review

Everspring’s Quality Review is a quick and easy way to gain insights into the strength of your online courses that can be applied across your online offerings to elevate and enhance online learning at your institution.

Are your online courses worthy of your reputation?

They should be.

Gain insight from experienced online learning design experts. Our highly-qualified team works with top universities such as Northwestern University, William & Mary and University of Notre Dame to optimize online courses that rival the quality and engagement of their on-ground courses.

Top 3 Reasons to Schedule an Everspring Quality Review (EQR)

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Get one of the most comprehensive course quality reviews available. In addition to the fundamental factors evaluated by most rubrics, Everspring goes deeper to examine a complete set of course-based factors such as course character, visual design, accessibility and engagement, among others.

Receive an actionable roadmap with recommendations and next steps for quality development. We will work with your team to optimize your online course for today’s online learners and provide a basic framework for developing and optimizing your course. 


You know what it takes to teach a high-quality course. Challenging academic content, meaningful connections with students and the buzz of engagement that inspires outstanding learning outcomes. But how do you translate those experiences into an online course?

We can help your online courses rival the quality of your faculty’s in-person instruction. 

Everspring’s Quality Review is among the most comprehensive online course evaluations available. We use our proprietary rubric to measure more dimensions of learning than any other review – including student engagement and course character. Our learning design experts provide research-based, actionable insights that make it easier for faculty to teach online and lead to enhanced student outcomes.

How Everspring’s Quality Review Works 



We start by learning about you and your course. We gather information about your faculty’s unique goals for bringing their teaching to life online.

Learn About Your Course

Analyze Your Current State

Our learning design team reviews a course of your choice and gathers insights across a holistic set of quality indicators such as course character and engagement.

Conduct Gap Analysis

We review what is working in your course and where you have room to develop so you know exactly where to focus on building quality in your course.

Make Actionable Recommendations 

Finally, we provide you with a consultation to review the results and share a basic roadmap with recommendations for short-term wins and long-term goal setting.

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